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Teledyne Marine Webinars

Teledyne Marine Academic Grant Winner - Professor Boguslaw Cyganek

142 views July 30, 2020

AGH University of Science and Technology Product grant: Teledyne BlueView M900 MK2 Sonar Water depths are still not explored frontiers. However, more and more human-made object appears on sea-bottom, ranging from ordinary plastic pollutants to...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

The Latest in Unmanned Vehicles and Hydrographic Surveying_AM Demo

274 views August 03, 2020

Join Teledyne Technologies and MARTAC live from Black Creek, south of Jacksonville, Florida, when we present online in water demos featuring the latest in unmanned vehicles and hydrographic surveying. Near-shore survey can be a challenging task...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

TM Academic Grant Winner - Christian Armstrong - Teledyne RESON SeaBat T50-R Multibeam Sonar / INS

218 views July 29, 2020

Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). Product grant: Teledyne RESON SeaBat T50-R Multibeam Sonar / INS The project's aim is to assess the physical stability of the seafloor in the extremely energetic tidal flows of western Scotland,...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

TM Academic Grant Winner - Samer Ahmed - PathFinder DVL

178 views July 29, 2020

Ain Shams University Product grant: Teledyne RDI Pathfinder DVL Designing and implementing an EKF SLAM module for an autonomous underwater vehicle by fusing a set of hardware sensors along with the dynamic model of the vehicle to achieve very...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Power Half Hour with Paul: Mastering ADCP Profiling - 3 Keys to Success

257 views July 16, 2020

Automatic setup for the ADCP covers a wide range of operating situations. It works for many users in many applications. Yet, you always have the option to make your own ADCP setup choices. In this session, we present some simple rules-of-thumb...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Measuring Storm-generated Ocean Currents Using the Earth's Magnetic Field

159 views July 10, 2020

Models to better understand and predict major climate events require ever more precise ocean atmospheric data. This includes the accurate measurement of ocean current velocities throughout a water column, both before, during and after events such...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

DSC Vision Revolutionizing Dredge Operations

199 views July 09, 2020

DSC VISION is a new highly innovative, user-friendly underwater visualization system that provides dredge operators and managers with real-time situational awareness below the water line, avoiding costly under dredging or over dredging, while...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

SeaBat F30: Understanding the most unique sonar from Teledyne Marine

456 views June 25, 2020

Join our host, Simon Barchard, Vice President of Business Development, Teledyne Marine Europe, for a closer look at the RESON SeaBat F30 sonar, a sonar capable of 3D Forward Looking Bathymetry and 2D Imaging optimized for underwater vehicle...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

ADCP Data Dive into the Mississippi

240 views June 18, 2020

Looking for tips about analyzing and interpreting ADCP data? Why not join us for the next episode of our continuing series of ADCP data webinars? Our host Paul Devine, joined by guest Dr. Peter Spain, will examine ADCP data sections of highly...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Surface to Seafloor: Unmanned Systems from Teledyne Marine

212 views June 18, 2020

Teledyne Marine is a leading manufacturer of an array of unmanned systems capable of operations from the surface to abyssal depths. In this presentation trends and developments with unmanned systems will be touched on along with an overview of...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

SeaBat T-Series: Why do Tracker Autopilot and Normalized Backscatter Go Hand-in-Hand?

541 views June 11, 2020

The answer from one of our experts when Senior Product Manager, IHO cat. A. Hydrographic Surveyor, Uni Bull takes you through the technical background behind Normalized Backscatter and Tracker Autopilot and explains why and how you easily get the...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Measuring Extreme Nearshore Storm Waves Off the Irish Coast

194 views June 04, 2020

Professor Dias will present a statistical analysis of nearshore waves observed during two major North–East Atlantic storms in 2015 and 2017. Surface elevations were measured with a 5-beam acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) at relatively...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Webinar Wednesday: Smaller Sonars that Pack a Punch: Phased Array ADCPs and DVLs

228 views May 27, 2020

Join us for this Webinar Wednesday, where we'll take a deep dive into what Phased Array technology is, and what it can deliver. Teledyne RD Instruments 2D Phased Array technology has pushed back the practical, mechanical limits for transducer...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Power Half Hour with Paul: Deciphering Your ADCP Data

400 views May 22, 2020

If you are looking for guidance on understanding your ADCP data, then please join Paul “the Data Whisperer” Devine who will walk you through several fascinating data sets as he shows you how to analyze and refine your data to meet your needs. A QA...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Webinar Wednesday: Marine Robotics and Vehicle Autonomy

376 views May 14, 2020

We have another great Webinar Wednesday lined up for you - this week we focus on marine autonomy. Join us as Dan Shropshire provides a brief history on the evolution of marine vehicle autonomy, followed by an overview of how Teledyne vehicles,...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Webinar Wednesday with Julia: Where the Heck is My Mooring? We Can Tell You!

177 views May 07, 2020

Gone are the days of deploying your mooring and hunting and pecking to relocate it for recovery. Save valuable time and money by surveying in precisely where your instruments are deployed for fast and easy detection and recovery. We’ll tell you...