P900 130 Dive Walking On Pipeline Mattress

Diver imaged with P900-130 while walking on pipeline mattress at 130m of depth. The diver and his umbilical can be easily seen.

Safety is paramount when diving in any condition. Redundant pre-dive checks are completed on the diver’s equipment to ensure 100% operation, however site information on the dive site can be vague and out of date. Utilizing Teledyne BlueView 2D sonar systems, dive sites can be mapped out prior to a dive so the diver has an idea of what the underwater scene looks like, including any hazardous areas to avoid.

Diving projects and divers can benefit from having a sonar-monitored diver. Real time monitoring provides an invaluable tool to the dive supervisor, with a communication link the supervisor can navigate the diver from point to point, talk a diver through hazards, monitor the umbilical and generally inspect the work site, greatly improving job efficiency.

Handheld diver navigation devices offer the diver the ability to see their surroundings, navigate with positioning and safely avoid hazards without support from the surface. 

Overall the 2D sonar systems are increasing operational efficiency, keeping divers safer, and increasing supervisors and project managers decision-making capabilities. 


  • Real time monitoring in all water visibility
  • Pre-inspect areas for potential hazards


  • Increased Diver spacial awareness
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Area search/inspection coverage verification

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