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TMTW 2015: NOAA’s Recent Field Testing of the Teledyne RDI Sentinel V ADCP

33 views April 28, 2017

NOAA’s Recent Field Testing of the Teledyne RDI Sentinel V ADCP Presenter: Nathan Holcomb NOAA The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Center for Operational...

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TMTW 2015: Three Month Continuous Measurement of Waves off the West Coast of Ireland During the...

17 views April 27, 2017

Three Month Continuous Measurement of Waves off the West Coast of Ireland During the Winter of 2015 University College Dublin Presenter: Frederic Dias University College Dublin The...

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CARIS Onboard - near real time hydrographic data processing

986 views May 18, 2016

Near real time hydrographic data processing using CARIS Onboard with Teledyne Marine multibeam echo sounders. ScopeCARIS company backgroundThe Challenge of Current Data HandlingIntroduction to the...

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So You Want to Save Energy:

385 views March 31, 2016

A Unique Application of BlueView 3-D Multibeam Sonar Technology and Best Practices to Optimize Sediment Removal Operations at Port Facilities. Presenter: Tony Simon Washington State University...

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Mapping and measuring eelgrass beds with an MB1 sonar

975 views January 25, 2016

This presentation was given at the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Diego 2015 by Ashley Norton from Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping Eelgrass plays many important roles in temperate...

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The history of the SeaBat Sonar

697 views November 11, 2015

Uni Bull, Senior Product Manager at Teledyne RESON, guides you through the evolution of the SeaBat sonars, starting with the first commercial forward looking sonars from the early 90′s to the newly...

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Integration of Multiple Reson and BlueView Sonar

539 views October 23, 2015

The La Higuera project is co-owned by Pacific Hydro and SN Power and located approximately 150 km south of Santiago, Chile. The headrace tunnel known as the Tinguiririca Tunnel is 18 km in length...

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Autonomous on-board data collection and processing using the Teledyne Odom MB1 with CARIS

594 views January 06, 2015

Michael Redmayne from Caris gives his view on the usage of Autonomous Surface Vessels from the Underwater Technology Conference held in Boston, September 2014. How are the dynamics of survey...

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Sea and Airborne Laboratory for Canada’s North Hydrographic Surveying

1,052 views December 18, 2014

At UTS14 in Boston Mathieu Rondeau from CIDCO and Olivier Ayotte from Geosphair Aviation made a presentation on how to survey the most northern parts of Canada using a plane with an onboard...

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Combined Bathymetry & Laser Surveys [Developing a Robust Workflow]

468 views December 05, 2014

Duncan Mallace from MMT presents some of the newest workflows that can be applied when doing combined Multibeam Echosounder and Laser surveys.