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SeaBat T-series Vertical Detection Mode


Vertical Detection Mode (VDM) is a game-changing enhancement now available as a free upgrade for all SeaBat T-Series sonar systems. This new feature is set to revolutionize how vertical structures...

Teledyne RESON and ID Ocean Collaborate on Solution for Breakwater Stability


In this episode of Teledyne's Marine Tech Talk, we talk with Pim Kuus, Senior Hydrographer and Product Manager for Instruments and Imaging at Teledyne Marine, and Steven Le Bars, Business Manager...

Cable Detection using a SeaBat T51 (800kHz)


Cable Detection using a SeaBat T51 (800kHz) on a maritime Robotics ASV With the finest receiver beamwidth available, the SeaBat T51 is perfectly suited to detect small objects. What’s more, the...

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