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Teledyne Marine delivers solutions for NEKTON’S First Descent mission


Teledyne Marine’s Sea of Solutions personified in the stunning images and important data collected by NEKTON’s First Decent mission. First Descent is a series of expeditions combining innovations...

Teledyne Marine and NEKTON partnership on the First Descent mission


First Descent is a series of expeditions combining innovations in technology, AI, big data and communications, in a bold bid to accelerate the scientific exploration and conservation of the Indian...

Bowtech cameras and lasers used on the NEKTON First Descent Mission


During the NEKTON First Descent Mission the Teledyne Bowtech Surveyor-HD-Pro camera is used to record organisms down to 300 meters. There is mounted 3 Bowtech OceanLASERs around the camera to be...

Teledyne Bowtech - Upgraded LED-K Lamp


The newly updated LED-K-Series is a multipurpose lamp of various lumen outputs and colour temperatures, highly suited to colour video inspection tasks, for ROVs rated to 3000m. Get more...

Teledyne Bowtech LED-B-Series


The Teledyne Bowtech LED-B-SERIES light is designed for use on small ROVs, with favourable physical characteristics of 0.05kg weight and measuring only 54mm in length and a maximum diameter of...

Teledyne Marine Outfitting an ROV


From cameras to connectors, INS to imaging—and everything in between—only Teledyne Marine’s OneTeam can deliver a full suite of field-proven sensors, software, imaging, and interconnect solutions...

Teledyne Bowtech- HD Zoom IP


Wide Angle 10:1 Zoom IP camera ideal for overall scenes and close-up inspection, with 10:1 optical zoom and 75° diagonal angle of view, housed in a 4000m rated casing. Visit the HD Zoom IP product...

Teledyne Marine - Nekton Technology Partner


Teledyne Bowtech’s Surveyor-HD-Pro cameras were deployed on the submersible vessels used during the research gathering stages of Nekton's NW Atlantic Mission (Summer 2016). The Surveyor-HDPro is an...

Teledyne Marine Offshore Energy Overview - TMTW17


Introduction to Teledyne Marine's Offshore Energy technology and capabilities, presented at TMTW17.

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Explorer Lite SD576 Groundgear

471 views January 13, 2017

Camera: Explorer lite - SD 3.4x10 -4 Lux Appication: Fishing gear Technology

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Anchor Retrieval Monitoring System

502 views January 13, 2017

Protect your staff, and assets whilst saving valuable time and money with ARMS - Anchor Retrieval...

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Surveyor HD Pro

689 views January 04, 2017

Bowtech Products Ltd Surveyor-HD-Pro high definition underwater camera, HD 1080i/50, footage...

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Divecam 650C

517 views January 04, 2017

Bowtech Products Ltd Divecam-650C, 650TV Lines, light sensitivity 0.1 lux, Acrylic Housing,...

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352 views January 04, 2017

Riser in-haul