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Post construction verification

1,196 views December 06, 2016

3D underwater imaging is used frequently to verify construction projects are completed to specification in low to zero visibility conditions. Underwater infrastructures worldwide need to be...

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3D Multibeam Scanning Sonar Lock Undercut

1,290 views December 06, 2016

Seen: Lock and dam undercut inspection and evaluation for repair planning. Underwater infrastructures worldwide need to be inspected regularly for problems caused by corrosion, scour, undercut,...

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BlueView Spool Piece Metrology

2,708 views December 06, 2016

This movie illustrates a novel new underwater measurement system that combines a new acoustic 3D scanning tool underwater combined with 3D scanning laser above water. Quick to deploy and accurate...

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Underwater Bridge Indspection.wmv

2,496 views December 06, 2016

BlueView BV5000-1350 Data on Bridge Footer and Pilings. Inspection data can clearly shows debris, washout, and damage areas. The 3D mosaic was created using 3 overlapping, tripod-based scans and...

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8,041 views December 06, 2016

Seattle, WA -- The first high-resolution, 3D digital model of a perfectly preserved, 100-year-old steamboat was unveiled today. Using a new sonar scanning system provided by BlueView Technologies...

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BlueView Spool Piece Metrology Testing

3,360 views December 06, 2016

This sonar imagery was taken during spool piece metrology testing in Peterhead Scotland. Pipe Flanges where positioned around an empty drydock, a ground based survey was performed, the drydock was...

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2,201 views December 06, 2016

Downed Rig Inspection using BV5000-1350. Multiple overlapping scans were collected from Schilling UHD ROV while station keeping and then registered with Leica Geosystem's Cyclone software without...

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BlueView BV5000 Harbor Scan.wmv

2,303 views December 06, 2016

BV5000-1350 3D Acoustic Scanner Imagery of Harbor in Norway 3D Mosaic was created from 5 tripod scans of harbor bottom. Registration was completed using Leica Geosystems Cyclone without any...

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Dam Draft Tubes Flyby

10,796 views December 06, 2016

The video clip utilizes actual 3D data gathered with the BV5000 to show the results of aninspection of an upriver dam’s outflow tubes. There were several unique aspects to thisproject, first the...