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Teledyne Marine Webinars

Enabling Technologies for Micro Vehicles

48 views March 31, 2021

Speakers: Grant Jennings, Carl Mancuso, & Stewart Sim At Teledyne Marine, we’re thinking small so you can do bigger things! As subsea vehicles continue to decrease in size, Teledyne continues to innovate, reducing the size, weight and power...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Instrumenting a Mooring: Technology, Tips, & Design Considerations

162 views March 10, 2021

Don’t let the two-hour length discourage you from watching. This was a fantastic webinar given by leading industry experts that is loaded with great information. The presentation lasts one-hour, followed by a full hour of engaging Q&A. (Even most...

Technology overviews

FLASH TALK: New Technology to Enable Micro Vehicles

310 views February 09, 2021

Got 5 minutes? Join us for this Flash Talk that will quickly walk you through one of our innovative Teledyne Marine solutions. Teledyne offers the widest breadth of technology in the industry, allowing us to deliver combined solutions to solve...