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Teledyne RDI Bluetooth Setup/Connection - using ParaniSD1000u Dongle

546 views December 07, 2022

How to setup Bluetooth Dongle/Adapter Using ParaniSD1000u for Water Resources Products such as RiverRay, RiverPro, StreamPro, etc… This video helps with setting up Bluetooth Dongle, Configure ParaniWin Software to establish connection and...


How to Set-up the Pathfinder /Tasman DVL to Output Different Data Formats Simultaneously

569 views November 08, 2021

This video provides a quick tutorial on how to set-up the Pathfinder or Tasman DVL to output multiple data types or formats (i.e. PDx data) simultaneously. Other topics such as required software, firmware features, and so on are...


Introduction to Wayfinder Tools Software

943 views November 08, 2021

This video provides a quick introduction of the Wayfinder Tools software, what it’s use for, why it’s useful, as well as the advantages of using Wayfinder Tools. This is an introductory video and is a prelude to future videos that will tackle the...


Highlighted Training: Wayfinder DVL Tools Software

684 views May 26, 2021

Join Teledyne RD Instruments Systems Engineer, Bill Meachum, for this brief 5-minute training session in which he walks new Wayfinder DVL customers and users through our convenient Tools Software readily available online for this product....


WinRiver II v2.22 New Features

2,578 views May 20, 2020

In this training video, Dan Murphy will step viewers through a few of the great new features available in our latest release of WinRiver II V2.22. Learn more about our water resources ADCP products:...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Power Half-Hour with Paul: RD Instruments Ready V Software Tutorial

592 views April 17, 2020

Join the always educational and entertaining Paul Devine, Regional Sales Manager, Oceans - Americas, for a revolving series of topics that he will tackle in 30-minute increments. All sessions will be interactive, with real-time QA. In this...


Teledyne RD Instruments Q-View Software

1,319 views August 31, 2017

Q-View Software: How to use it with WinRiver II on previously collected data.


Teledyne RDI Q-View Software Introduction

1,415 views August 31, 2017

A quick introduction to Teledyne RDI's new Q-View data QA/QC software design to operate with TRDI's WinRiver II software for inland ADCP applications. Q-View bridges the gap between the requirement for high-quality field measurements and the...


Teledyne RDI WinRiverII - Connecting Your ADCP

3,389 views August 31, 2017

Connecting your ADCP to WinRiver II Software This course will cover connecting each ADCP type to WRII. The focus will be on communications, Bluetooth and serial. Also included are troubleshooting techniques. This course also will cover...


Teledyne RDI WinRiver II - Collecting Data

2,944 views August 31, 2017

Collecting Data Using WinRiver II Software This course will cover collecting ADCP, GPS and Depth Sounder data. The focus will be on the ADCP as previous courses covered GPS and Depth Sounder.


Teledyne RDI WinRiver II - Introduction

4,254 views August 31, 2017

Teledyne RDI WinRiver II Software Introductory Training This course is a high level introduction to WRII designed specifically for new users. It is an overview of the format and function of Teledyne RDI's River discharge software. Concepts...


Teledyne RDI U - WinRiverII ASCII Output

2,226 views August 31, 2017

Winiver II ASCII Input This course will cover selecting items of interest and outputting the data in an ASCII format.


Teledyne RDI U - WinRiver II - Compass Calibration

2,129 views August 31, 2017

WinRiver II Compass Calibration This course will cover using WRII to calibrate a StreamPro/ River Ray of Workhorse Rio Grande. The focus will be on the new ISM compass that is used in the StreamPro and River Ray.