Teledyne Bolt eSource - A new generation of Seismic Source

Teledyne Marine Geophysical Instruments is a premier provider of cutting-edge marine technology solutions catering to the dynamic needs of the energy and defense industries. Our comprehensive offerings encompass an array of specialized equipment, from advanced acoustic sources and towed arrays to ruggedized submersible connectors specifically designed for reliability in offshore geophysical surveys. 

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At Geophysical Instruments, we redefine industry standards by delivering unparalleled expertise, reliability, and innovation to meet the evolving challenges of the marine sector. 

As a part of Teledyne Technologies, a globally recognized leader in innovation, our commitment extends to delivering cutting-edge solutions. 

Specializing in aerospace, defense, marine, environmental, and industrial applications, Teledyne Technologies leverages state-of-the-art technologies for data acquisition, analysis, and imaging. 

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