Video – Exploring the deepest ocean Part III

Deep Tow Project Part III – Installation at Odyssey Marine Exploration

Teledyne Benthos and Teledyne RESON are developing a new deep tow vehicle for Odyssey Marine Exploration. The vehicle is equipped with a SeaBat 7125 Multibeam Dual Head Sonar and will be used to find shipwrecks on the seabed in very deep waters. The vehicle will be about four meters long and will be towed with a 10 kilometer cable from a surface vessel.

We have followed the development process and in this third part Ernie Tapanes - Senior Project Manager from Odyssey Marine Exploration gives a brief on Installation at Odyssey Marine Exploration. Subscribe to our newsletter "A Sharper View" to get part III directly in your mail box.

About Odyssey Marine Exploration

Odyssey does deep-ocean shipwreck exploration, searching the globe’s vast oceans for sunken ships with intriguing stories, extraordinary treasure and precious artifacts spanning centuries of maritime travel. Their discoveries uncover new knowledge and history from the depths.

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