SeaBat 7130 Sonar

We conducted the first demonstrations of the SeaBat 7130 together with Teledyne PDS at the Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop in San Dieo, October 4-7. The SeaBat 7130 is our most advanced sonar providing long range 3D forward looking bathymetry at 200kHz, and high resolution 2D imagery at 635kHz.

First demonstration with Teledyne PDS Software

This was the first ever demonstration utilizing Teledyne PDS software for processing and visualizing 3D forward looking bathymetry in real-time.

The 3D bathymetry mapped features such as sand waves and rock structures on the sea floor, and the 2D high resolution imagery was visualized as a geo-referenced overlay on top of the generated bathymetry provided a new and unique perspective on the underwater environment.

More details 

The SeaBat 7130 is a High-Resolution Forward-Looking Sonar System designed specifically for 12 ¾ inch (approx. 324mm) AUVs/UUVs. The SeaBat 7130 operates at 200 kHz and 635 kHz illuminating a wide, 120° horizontal sector ahead of the Sonar Head Assembly. The high frequency 635 kHz provides high-reso­lution classification functionality, whereas the lower frequency 200 kHz provides long-range detection capability.

The 200kHz array consists of 3 distinct sub-arrays, distributed in the vertical direction, which is processed in the real time enabling vertical height discrimination of targets ahead of the sonar.

The SeaBat 7130 is primarily intended for use on AUV/UUVs, but also applicable to ROVs and small submarines – and is depth rated up to 3,000m

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SeaBat 7130 future perspectives

The SeaBat 7130 is optimized for use on AUVs so we look forward to future demonstrations in the field where the SeaBat 7130 can show its full potential as a platform for the development of capabilities such as obstacle avoidance, terrain mapping, Concurrent Mapping and Localization (CML), object classification; and to actively partner with our customers to develop unique capabilities based on this advanced sonar platform.

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