Teledyne RESON SeaBat 7150 C portable Echosounder

Traditionally, SeaBat deepwater sonars have been known for being quite difficult to move around, but that is about to change as Teledyne RESON has built a portable SeaBat 7150. The entire system is built into a container making it the world’s first portable SeaBat deepwater sonar system. This particular system was developed to plan routes for underwater cables and pipelines.

- This is the latest member of the SeaBat 7150 sonar family and it is one quarter of the size of the first system we built. We have taken the high resolution portions of one of our deep water mapping systems and put it in a very portable system, explains Paul Jubinski.

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He adds that the aim was to make a multibeam system that you can take anywhere in the world without having to transit a multibeam-equipped vessel.  Equipping a vessel that already is near to the survey area can vastly change the budget for a small survey located far from the nearest multibeam-equipped vessel. Teledyne RESON has designed and built all of the sonar components and the electronics in the portable electronics enclosure.  Furthermore, the system uses the same standard sonar processor which is used in all the SeaBat 7150 sonar systems. So, even though it is a small compact system it has all the capabilities that teledyne RESON offers in even the largest of the 7150 sonar systems.

A standard 20-foot shipping container was modified by Stabbert Yacht and Ship (a division of Stabbert Maritime, Seattle, Washington, USA) to produce a truck and ship portable van that can transport all of the sonar system components and then serve as a well-appointed lighted, air-conditioned work space on the deck of the survey vessel. The arrival of the containerized SeaBat 7150 can turn a suitably prepared vessel into a deep-water survey platform after a few days of mobilization dockside.

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