Teledyne RESON T-Series

Introducing new ways to help you expand your business

The SeaBat T-series helps you to meet survey requirements, develop a greater capacity for taking on new project opportunities and maximize your business potential. Highly customizable and adaptable to a wide variety of applications, it also enables you to reduce survey and post processing times to lower costs and offer a more competitive service to your customers.

Ultimate flexibility

The SeaBat T-series is uniquely designed as a highly modularized sonar concept, where you can start out with a smaller SeaBat T20 and later upgrade your sonar simply by replacing the receiver array.

The user friendly configuration utility SeaBat Updater software, enables you to configure a portable or a rackmounted T-series sonar processor between 1° super compact and lightweight SeaBat T-20 to the ultra-high resolution SeaBat T50.

The Sea­Bat T-series allows the user to connect exactly the wet-end configuration preferred for the job at hand.

So when we say expand your business we mean it literally.

Let's take a closer look: 

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