Ocean Business 17

A combination of over 24 classroom training sessions, 8 dockside and test tank demonstrations, ongoing on-water hydrographic demonstrations, and 15 new product launches kept customers busy and engaged at a highly successful Ocean Business earlier this month.

Kicking off the week with our first combined Agents and Representatives meeting, Ocean Business started with a flurry of activity as global agents representing our full spectrum of brands came together to learn more about the latest Teledyne Marine activities, including the fifteen new products being launched, personnel changes, and on-going m​arketing ventures. We would like to thank everyone who registered and attended our pre-show event - we hope you enjoyed your time with us and found it to be a valuable afternoon.

Throughout the three days of exhibiting, over thirty-five demonstration and training sessions were delivered covering new products and technologies, new and on-going projects, and recent case studies. These were well attended and many sparked some interesting and in-depth conversations between our personnel and both existing and potential customers. Amongst these were dockside and test tank demonstrations of various Teledyne Marine products. The Oceanscience Z-Boat and SeaBotix ROV proved to be popular hits on the sunstroked dockside, with attendees piling through the door to try and get a view of our pilots maneuvering the vehicles up and down the harbor.

Ocean Business, and the atmosphere it brings, proved to be the perfect platform to introduce fifteen new products to market. From the smallest of LED lamps to our fleet of Slocum Gliders, to the most comprehensive ​multibeam echsounders and compact DVL - the Teledyne Marine booths were packed with new demonstration and equipment displays. Product development is at the heart of our ethos, and launching new systems designed with new features and better performance ensure we continue to meet the industry'​s changing needs. If you missed out on seeing any of our new products at Ocean Business, or would like to find out more about one specifically, see the links below to learn more and discover how we can improve the operation of your next application...
Pathfinder DVL
Releaseit and R500 Coastal Acoustic Release Package
Slocum G3 Glider
Gavia New Plug-and-Play Science Bay Module
LED-B-Series Light
Sentinel V ADCP Real Time / Bottom-Tracking Configurations
12,000m Optical Connector
Digital Stills Camera
Horizontal Retrievable MCDU
IDH SeaBat T20-R / T50-R
SeaBat T20-R / T50-R
SeaBat T20-S / T50-S​​​

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