Electrical Optical Flying Lead

The Electrical Optical Flying Lead (EOFL), part of the Active Flying Lead product line, features a Nautilus Rolling Seal Hybrid connector on one side, and a 7- or 12- way Nautilus electrical connector on the other, with a qualified integrated electrical/optical converter within the pressure balanced, oil-filled hose (PBOF). The electro-optical components are housed in a 1 ATM enclosure and protected on one side by glass to metal seal penetrators, and a hermetic fiber penetrator on the other.

The EOFL converts an electrical signal to a fiber optic signal, currently allowing up to 100 Mbit/sec data speed over 2 twisted pairs to be converted to one single fiber. ​​

The EOFL is designed with a modular power converter, which allows for different power inputs to be used without redesign, increasing flexibility in project requirements and reducing development time and costs.

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