Teledyne Marine - Nekton Technology Partner

Teledyne Bowtech’s Surveyor-HD-Pro cameras were deployed on the submersible vessels used during the research gathering stages of Nekton's NW Atlantic Mission (Summer 2016).

The Surveyor-HDPro is an ultra wide angle HD colour zoom camera with water corrected optics. It is a unique combination of widest angle vision and compact engineering to produce an extremely dynamic and well engineered system. Excellent images can be obtained through the fused silica hemispherical window, some of which can be seen as part of the Nekton and Teledyne Marine collaboration video detailing this mission.

Video surveying of unexplored ecosystems down to 300m was principal to Nekton’s research, and with operating pressures up to thirty atmospheres, low temperatures, very low ambient light and rugged terrain often surrounded by fast currents, the environment was one of the toughest and most challenging ever experienced. Nekton required only the most advanced and highly robust systems to operate and succeed with the research gathering.

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