8125-H with Flex Mode

Flex mode is one of the new beam modes that have been introduced with FP2 replacing the old Equi-angle/equi-distant selections.

• The data in this video is collected off a small (10m) boat off Santa Barbara on a 0.75m concrete pipe. Water depth varies between 8 & 20m.
• The green dots are the bottom detect and the two yellow lines are the adaptive gates which help to remove noise in the data thus leading to less editing time.
• Flex mode allows users to choose the overall swath width and then steer a narrow sector of extremely high density beams to follow a target like a pipe.
• Flex mode gives a very high sounding density over a designated target whilst still providing coverage out to the sides.

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• Find more details about Flex mode in this application note: Feature Pack 2 Pipe survey comparison using FlexMode

• Features Pack 2 is available for 7125-SV2, ROV2, 8125-Hybrid and 7101.

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