Online Singlebeam Echogram view

This movie shows the features such as the normalization and Bottom Detection of the Teledyne PDS Sonar – Sidescan view and how to moasaic sidescan sonar data.

The Online SBES Echogram view and features have been developed to enable singlebeam users in the hydrographic and dredging markets to be more agile in their survey process. The new features eliminate the need to use external visualization or command and control software, enabling more screen space for the actual survey information. Currently, Odom DSO data (EchoTrac singlebeams) and RESON GT data (Navisound singlebeams) are supported.

The Echogram view has the capability to display up-to four depth channels simultaneously, displaying one channels’ echogram data. Next to this, there are common UI controls to tune the view to a personal layout for optimum experience.

When the view senses that there are singlebeams attached which are able to be controlled, the singlebeam of which the echogram is displayed can be controlled. Additional Command and Control tabs will be automatically available as well.

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