Introducing the New Teledyne Z-boat 1250

Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boats® are the number one choice for reliable, remotely controlled, hydrographic surveying in streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters around the world.

Whether you need to reduce survey time, keep people safe during hazardous conditions, or access hard to reach locations, there is a Z-Boat to suit your survey and your budget.

The new Z-Boat 1250 is single person portable and easy to operate. The integrated echosounder has an embedded transceiver with digital signal processing and outputs depth & temperature using NMEA 0183 data output.

Portable and Convenient
The use of lightweight, resilient ABS hulls and a collapsible sliding crossbar make the Z-Boat 1250 convenient for a single operator. Now you can survey areas that were previously inaccessible with larger boats.

Robust and Easy to Maneuver
The IP67 rated Z-Boat 1250 has an innovative propulsion system that uses two thrusters, one in each outrigger. An advanced 2.4 GHz remote control transmitter differentially adjusts the two thrusters to steer the boat. The result is a robust and highly maneuverable boat with no rudder or steering linkages. The Z-Boat 1250 can attain a 2.3 m/s (7.5 fps) top speed using the standard battery pack, and the remote control transmitter can be adjusted to allow effective profiling at speeds as low as 30 cm/s (1.0 fps).

A Variety of Applications
The Z-Boat 1250 is ideal for a multitude of work environments including mining pits and tailings ponds, sewage treatment plants, environmentally sensitive areas, construction and inspection zones, dams and reservoirs, lakes, harbors, rivers, and more. The opportunities are endless for this compact and efficient boat!

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