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Teledyne Marine delivers unmanned underwater solutions for mine countermeasure missions.

The Gavia AUV is an autonomous sensor platform that is user configurable by the addition of one or more sensor, navigation, or battery modules by means of a unique twist lock system. The Gavia is a fully low logistics modular system designed to be operated from vessels of opportunity and has the greatest depth rating of any vehicle in its class. Gavia AUV systems have been utilized in real world Search and Recovery missions including the AirAsia Flight QZ8501, numerous operations from naval users, and the Icelandic Coast Guard.

The SeaBotix vectored LBV (vLBV) has the advantage of being small and lightweight, yet powerful enough to navigate strong currents while carrying a multitude of sensors and payloads. It is highly configurable both in the factory and in the field. Each of the components (i.e. thrusters, cameras, lights, electronics bottle, and flotation) is designed for easy installation or removal. This design concept allows for efficient upgrades, updates and maintenance, while minimizing down time and allowing the systems to be reconfigured and “grow” as needed.

Within the Teledyne Marine Vehicles umbrella are industry leading suppliers of unmanned systems. Teledyne Webb Research’s buoyancy driven Slocum glider is the glider of choice for the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Battlespace Sensing-Glider (LBS-G) program and scientific programs globally. Over 700 Slocum gliders have been delivered to customers around the world. Teledyne Seabotix’ Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are the man portable ROV of choice for domestic and foreign militaries with more than 1500 systems delivered. Teledyne Oceanscience’s Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) are used for survey and inspection purposes worldwide, and Teledyne Gavia, the producer of the Gavia market-leading low logistics modular AUV and newly released SeaRaptor deepwater rated AUV complete the industry leading group, which provides unmanned vehicle platforms for operation from the surface of the water to the deep sea.

Teledyne Marine offers an array of COTS products and technologies suited to SAR applications. From subcomponent level products to fully integrated vehicle systems, Teledyne Marine manufactures a family of systems uniquely suited to various parts of the mission.

Teledyne Marine subcomponents are widely used by leading manufacturers and include market leading sonars with data management and presentation tools, navigation systems (IMU’s, DVL’s, LBL / USBL), ADCP’s, camera systems, interconnect and hull penetrators, and acoustic modems and releases.
With technologies divided into 5 core segments; Imaging, Instruments, Interconnect, Seismic and Vehicles, Teledyne Marine sales staff can address not only brand level solutions, but turn-key, customized systems that leverage our full range of technology. Our goal is to provide one-stop purchasing capability, world-wide customer support, and the technical expertise to solve your toughest challenges.

A Sea of Solutions…..One Supplier.

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