Webinar Wednesday: Smaller Sonars that Pack a Punch: Phased Array ADCPs and DVLs

Join us for this Webinar Wednesday, where we'll take a deep dive into what Phased Array technology is, and what it can deliver.

Teledyne RD Instruments 2D Phased Array technology has pushed back the practical, mechanical limits for transducer size and frequency at both ends of the size continuum. This expands the scope of ADCP and DVL performance and widens our range of configurations while still making four different measurements simultaneously-- two from an acoustic pulse profiling the water column (velocity profile, echo intensity profile), and two from a bottom-tracking (BT) pulse (velocity over bottom, altitude above bottom). In this session, we consider measurement capabilities using Teledyne RDI’s 2-d Phased Array technology.

Speaker: Dr. Peter Spain; Staff Scientist, Teledyne RD Instruments

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