Investigating Seabed Stability in Western Scotland

Guest: Christian Armstrong, PhD candidate and student researcher, Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS)​

In this summer series of podcasts, we introduce the winners of our Teledyne Marine Academic Grant for 2020. This grant offers universities and institutions the opportunity to utilize several of our flagship products free of charge for up to a six-month period to support their research programs. In this episode we meet Christian Armstrong. Christian is a PhD candidate and student researcher working with a team from the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS). Christian and the team are investigating the physical stability of the seabed around the UK continental shelf in the extremely energetic tidal flows of western Scotland, UK.

Due to the operational challenges posed by the area's hydrodynamics, few studies have been conducted. However, these regions are now receiving research attention due to their value for renewable energy and the insights into turbulent flows that they can bring.

Now here is Christian Armstrong with the host of Marine Tech Talk, Melissa Rossi.

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