Teledyne Marine Academic Grant Winner - Professor Boguslaw Cyganek

AGH University of Science and Technology

Product grant: Teledyne BlueView M900 MK2 Sonar

Water depths are still not explored frontiers. However, more and more human-made object appears on sea-bottom, ranging from ordinary plastic pollutants to forgotten naval mines. In the project, we are aiming to develop new methods for underwater object recognition and scene analysis based on the joined visual and sonar signals processed by the deep neural networks that can have a significant impact on this problem. Reliable means of detection of human-made objects will significantly increase all efforts' effectiveness simply by  determining potential contamination hot-spots and prioritizing the workforce on places that are higher on the list. Autonomous drones equipped with such system could mark certain positions or even clean depths similarly to surface solutions that are developed now all around the world. On the other hand, solving such great challenge calls for active cooperation between academia and commercial research.

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