The Latest in Unmanned Vehicles and Hydrographic Surveying_AM Demo

Join Teledyne Technologies and MARTAC live from Black Creek, south of Jacksonville, Florida, when we present online in water demos featuring the latest in unmanned vehicles and hydrographic surveying. Near-shore survey can be a challenging task even under ideal conditions. Whether the survey is conducted for safety of navigation, construction or infrastructure management, or other scientific purposes, these platforms typically involve multiple sensors operating simultaneously.

Teledyne offers integrated solutions to enable our customers to collect the data they need, with world leading sensors and software, as efficiently as possible. Experience the power of Teledyne’s sensors, the Teledyne RESON SeaBat T20 Multibeam sonar and the Teledyne Optech Lidar CL-360M, seamlessly collecting data processed with Teledyne PDS and CARIS Onboard all installed on the MARTAC MANTAS T12 USV.

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