Surveying Remote and High Altitude Reservoirs

Guest: Matt Nichols, President/Owner, Survey Systems, Evergreen Colorado

On this episode of Marine Tech Talk we meet Matt Nichols, president and owner of Survey Systems in Evergreen, Colorado. Survey Systems is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business that does geodetic and hydrographic surveying work for a variety of customers. Matt has been working the hydrographic side of surveying for the past 15 years and purchased an Oceanscience Z-Boat in early 2019 for surveying in areas that his larger boat couldn't access. Some of the areas that Matt and his team need to survey are in remote areas, making the Z-Boat an ideal small survey platform for those shallow, remote, and high-altitude locations.

To learn more about Survey Systems and the work that Matt and his team are doing you can visit You can also follow Survey Systems on LinkedIn at​/ and YouTube. Video Link:

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