Protection of Salmon Habitats in Alaska

Guest: Leah Ellis, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

In this fall series of podcasts, we introduce some of the winners and general entrants from the 2020 Teledyne Marine Photo Contest. Teledyne's annual Photo/ Data Contest concluded with over 80 qualified submissions that helped the company donate over $1200 to Save the Children as part of a charitable giving campaign.

In this episode, we talk to Leah Elllis, a Habitat Biologist in the Instream Flow Program at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Leah was one of our contestants this year in our Teledyne Marine Photo Contest and the winner of one of our Honorable Mention photo awards. Leah's photo was of her team out “in the elements" collecting data. The mission of their program is to acquire water rights in rivers and lakes for fish habitat protection.

T o learn more about the work that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game are doing you can visit their website at and on facebook you can check them out at

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