Marine Tech Talk Episode 29 - From Oban to the Arctic, the Benefits of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Guest: Dr. John Howe, Senior Lecturer in Marine Geology, Scottish Association for Marine Science

In this episode of Marine Tech Talk, we are joined by Dr. John Howe a Senior Lecturer in marine geology at the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (SAMS). His expertise is in fjord geomorphology and glaciomarine sedimentation. He is the operator of a UK Gavia AUV - Freya, and has participated in more than 30 cruises to regions including the Arctic, Svalbard, Indian Ocean, Papua New Guinea and the Chilean Patagonia. John discusses several of his recent trips with the Gavia AUV and the advantages that Autonomous Underwater Vehicles provide for researchers.

For more information on the work being done with Freya (SAM’s Gavia AUV) and the programs being offered at SAMs you can follow on twitter @SAMSoceannews or visit their website

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