Exploring the Archaeology of an Ancient Naval Battle Using a State of the Art AUV

Presenter: Professor Timmy Gambin, University of Malta

For over an entire decade, the Sicilian Superintendence of the Sea together with RPM Nautical, has explored the seabed off the Egadi Islands off Trapani. This ambitious and unique project produced some incredible results including, but not limited to, the discovery of numerous bronze rams. Despite the success of the first phases of the project it became clear that a new approach was necessary to survey the site in a more efficient manner. Since 2019, the University of Malta has partnered the Superintendence and RPM - specifically through the deployment of its Automated Underwater Vehicle. This talk will introduce the battle of the Egadi Islands and will also share some highlights and discoveries from the initial phases of the project. The main part of the presentation will cover the methodologies developed in the context of this project, how these complimented existing work and what results have been achieved so far.

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