How Extended Range ADCPs Improve Data Quality in Moored Systems

Presenters: Ryan Nicoll, DSA Ocean and Paul Devine, Teledyne Marine

If an oceanographic mooring deflects too much, even the most sophisticated ADCPs will record useless data. Ideally, we can check mooring deflections in advance of deployment to build confidence in data quality. Calculating the deflection of a mooring line is a tricky process, as it's not an obvious calculation you can do in your head or on paper for most typical systems. In today's webinar, Ryan and Paul will walk you through why it's important to understand how extended range ADCPs improve data quality in moored systems. They will use ProteusDS Oceanographic to illustrate how mooring deflection is calculated in advance with a comparison of several conceptual moorings using Teledyne Pinnacle and Long Ranger ADCPs. This conversational webinar will walk you through your design considerations, the trade-offs, and the tools that can be used to assist you in real-world application.

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