TSS HydroPAct600E dectection system

A new benchmark for smaller ROVs developed from over 30 years of subsea pipe & Cable survey experience.

Through a smaller innovative single coil sensor, and single 24Vdc subsea electronics Pod with lower power requirements, the HydroPACT 660E can be fitted to and controlled by much smaller ROVs

This can significantly reduce the cost of pipe, cable and UXO surveys normally carried out by much larger work class ROVS.

It also means that for the first-time pipe, cable and UXO surveys can be carried out on ROVs in much shallower water depths using the same market leading ‘pulse induction technology’ as the HydroPACT 440 system

Which is helped even further as smaller ROVs can be deployed from smaller vessels.

Book an Exclusive Presentation with Jeremy Harrison, Business Manager for Teledyne TSS & Teledyne Bowtech Brands.

Jeremy will guide you through the possibilities that the Teledyne Hydropact product line offers in mapping subsea cables and pipelines.

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