Offshore Wind Farm Installation

With complex offshore structures, it is as important to know what is happening below the water as it is to fit the most appropriate technology above it. That means gaining a clear picture of the subsea environment so that designers and engineers can deliver safe and effective solutions.

Teledyne Marine’s world-class hydroacoustic solutions provide the data that is the very foundations wind farm are built upon.  With navigation sensors and multibeam sonars installed on the crane, barge or the vessel the solution offers seabed geography, obstructions, hazards and sediments as well as water depths and currents. Real time data referring to the design plan ensure the correct placement the first time.

Teledyne Marine’s technologies for wind farm installation and marine construction is well established backed by years of experience of surveying, monitoring and measuring the oceans, being the eye below the water and getting a clear picture.

Teledyne Marine is constantly developing state-of-the art technologies to deliver innovative solutions to the market.

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