Episode 39 Teledyne Marine and SITECH Gulf Create First Authorized Service Center in the Middle East Part 2

Join us for the second part of our discussion with SITECH. Teledyne Marine and SITECH Gulf have partnered to create a one-stop shop for their clients. Join us for the next episode of Marine Tech Talk when we chat with John Taylor and Ahmed Ragab from SITECH Gulf, along with Emad Javaid from Teledyne Marine. Hear how the first authorized service center in the Middle East and Africa regions will benefit clients working on some of the most significant marine projects in the world and how they have created a new service center to meet the evergrowing demands of the region. 

For more information on SITECH, visit their website at www.SITECHGulf.com

For more information on Teledyne, visit their website at http://www.teledynemarine.com/

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