Releasing the Workhorse II ADCP

RD Instruments’ Workhorse—the most sold ADCP in the world— just got better. We’ve enabled new features and even better performance across more applications and demanding environments with the Workhorse II. RDI’s proven MEMS heading and tilt sensors with 1° RMS heading accuracy at up to ±70 tilt offer superior performance at the highest latitudes. Raw magnetic data can be logged, and the new software makes post‐deployment heading corrections a breeze.   Workhorse II also offers: A highly robust metal shell connector; 16 GB compact flash memory; and new intuitive planning software. 

With the
direct‐reading Monitor, self‐contained Sentinel, and vessel‐mounted Mariner configurations, the Workhorse II is among the most versatile and capable ADCP platforms. Bottom tracking, directional waves, high-resolution, LADCP, and ice‐tracking modes are available on any model, making any model capable of interdisciplinary use. And original Workhorses can receive Workhorse II upgrades for many more years of successful deployments.

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