Teledyne RESON Underwater Technology Seminar - Shanghai 2013

Under the theme “Discover new opportunities in multibeam sonar solutions”, we had an exciting and inspiring 1-day program in Shanghai, China.

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Overwhelming participation at the 2013 UTS in Shanghai

From the day’s start the numbers of attendees exceeded our expectations. When Thomas Meurling, Vice President of Sales at Teledyne RESON, started presenting the new Feature Pack 4 for SeaBat 7125 as well as the portable SeaBat T20-P, the conference was packed with more than 200 attendees.

As the day progressed, the English speakers (with translations in Mandarin) were followed by presentations in Mandarin (with translations in English). It was clear that being able to discuss sonar technology in their mother tongue was much appreciated by the Chinese attendees.

Beside the newest Sonar technology from Teledyne RESON, the attendees were also presented with a variety of technology from Teledyne BlueView, Teledyne Odom, Caris, AML, Applanix and IxBlue. 

In the afternoon Shiahn-Wern Shyue, Ph.D. and Associate Professor at the National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan presented his paper: “Fish Detection and Distribution by using Multibeam Water Column Images around Artificial Reefs” (Appears in the interview above).

Professor Zhou Xinghua from First institute of Oceanography, SOA presented his paper: “RESON SeaBat7125 Multibeam Sonar is Applied in The Detection of Seabed Pipelines”.

Director Zhangliang from Shanghai Maritime safety Administration presented his paper: “Methods of improving accuracy of Multibeam survey” .

The final guest speaker was Li Sujiang, President at the Tianjin Port & Waterway Prospection and Design Research Institute co, LTD. His presentation was titled “Dredging Application of RESON Multibeam Sonar” .

There are still seats available for our seminar in Copenhagen 17-19 September and in Austin 18-21 November. 
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