Anti-Submarine Warfare

The Slocum glider is a uniquely mobile network component capable of moving to specific locations and depths and occupying controlled spatial and temporal grids. Driven in a sawtooth vertical profile by variable buoyancy, the glider moves both horizontally and vertically.

The long-range and duration capabilities of Slocum gliders make them ideally suited for subsurface sampling at the regional scale. Carrying a wide variety of sensors, they can be programmed to patrol for weeks at a time, surfacing to transmit their data to shore while downloading new instructions at regular intervals, realizing a substantial cost savings compared to traditional surface ships.

This video takes you on a Anti-Submarine Warfare ( ASW) starting with a Rapid Environmental Assessment mission with the Slocum glider, from deployment of the glider to collect data. Follow the glider as it surface and sends the data to the Maritime Operations Center (MOC)via satellite.

 At the MOC data is analyzed and relevant is sent to a ship located nearby to hunt for submarine threat.

 The main ASW operation using towed sonar array to survey area of interest can now place. An array cable is launched and after a few seconds a weak sound signal travels through the water column to the towed array receiver. As the sound signal is received by the array, a data display pops up onscreen revealing anomalies in the sonar trace. 

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