Teledyne RESON and ID Ocean Collaborate on Solution for Breakwater Stability

In this episode of Teledyne's Marine Tech Talk, we talk with Pim Kuus, Senior Hydrographer and Product Manager for Instruments and Imaging at Teledyne Marine, and Steven Le Bars, Business Manager at ID Ocean, to discuss their collaboration using Teledyne RESONs T51 with ID Oceans SEABIM software. 

 Breakwaters play a critical role in protecting coastal structures and ensuring the safety of ports and harbors. Ensuring their stability is paramount, as any failure can lead to costly repairs, operational disruptions, and potential hazards. Correct block placement is a fundamental aspect of breakwater stability, governed by various factors such as contact, orientation, and density. Teledyne RESONs SeaBat T51 and SEABIM software have joined forces to offer a comprehensive solution in pursuit of accurate and efficient block placement analysis. 

Read our case study: Collaborative Solution for Breakwater Stability Assessment: Teledyne’s SeaBat T51 and SEABIM® Software

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