Odom Hydrographic

With over 25 years of manufacturing echo sounding equipment, Teledyne Odom Hydrographic (formerly Odom Hydrographic Systems) continues its legacy of unwavering dedication to the principles of customer service and product innovation.
With over three thousand echo sounders produced and distributed worldwide, Teledyne Odom Hydrographic has established an enviable high standard for product reliability and customer service that is unmatched. Examples of Odom’s continuing drive to lead the hydrographic equipment market include the exceptional capabilities of the Echotrac MKIII and our Digibar S self-contained sound velocity probe.
In addition to our legacy of single beam echo sounders, we now offer our exceptional value multibeam, the MB1. Building on technical expertise from the Teledyne Marine group of companies and Odom’s wealth of experience in hydrography, MB1 will redefine the performance standards of small multibeam echo sounders.
Strict quality control standards ensure that every sounder we build, albeit single or multibeam, has undergone and passed some of the most rigorous testing criteria in the industry. All together, these provide our customers with a high confidence level, return on investment and ultimate success of their surveys.
Teledyne Odom Hydrographic is part of the Teledyne Marine Group. Together with Teledyne RESON and Teledyne BlueView, Teledyne Odom Hydrographic offers the strongest collective product portfolio in the market for subsea imaging and multibeam echosounder solutions.
Teledyne’s acquisition of Odom has created a unique synergy among the companies that make up the Teledyne Marine group which include: Teledyne RDI, Benthos, BlueView, CDL, TSS, Webb Research, Cormon, D.G. O’Brien, Gavia, Impulse, Geophysical Instruments, ODI and RESON. Cooperative efforts among these individual industry leaders will encourage growth and ensure the continued innovation that has brought Odom to the forefront of the hydrographic community.

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