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Teledyne RDI Doppler Velocity Logs

345 views March 28, 2022

Product line director, Teledyne RDI - Grant Jennings, presents the Wayfinder DVL and the Tasman DVL from the Teledyne RDI Doppler Velocity Log product range. Contact Grant at [email protected]. Learn more about Teledyne Marines Doppler Velocity Log product line.

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Teledyne Gavia AUV

773 views March 28, 2022

Inside Sales Manager, Teledyne Gavia - Kolbrun Arnadottir presents the GAVIA Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Contact Kolbrun at [email protected]

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Teledyne Marine Navigation Technology Update

290 views April 04, 2022

Teledyne Marine is world-renowned for their innovative subsea and surface navigation solutions. In this presentation, we outline the many new features and advancements made to further enhance our DVL, INS, and IMU product lines.

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TSS HydroPACT 660E

1,565 views April 04, 2022

With HydroPACT 660E Teledyne Marine brings the world’s smallest submarine, pulse induction pipe tracker to market. Built upon the already established, industry standard and world leading TSS HydroPACT 440 system, the HydroPACT 660E continues the legacy by bringing pipe tracking and UXO detection capabilities to small inspection and observation class ROVs, for applications that were previously only available on larger vehicles such as work class ROVs and trenchers. Book an Exclusive...

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Autonomous High Performance Survey Solution for Shallow Water Surveying

1,624 views April 04, 2022

The SeaBat Multibeam is now optimized for ASV integration. SeaBat’s T20-ASV autonomous features allow for reliable, hands-off multibeam data acquisition from smaller platforms, such as the Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat Autonomous Surface Vehicles. This tightly integrated surveying solution allows users to quickly and easily collect survey-grade data in a variety of challenging environments. Learn more about the SeaBat’s T20-ASV

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The Latest Advancement in Deep Ocean Survey Vehicles— Teledyne Gavia’s SeaRaptor AUV

480 views April 04, 2022

Teledyne Marine presents an overview of the newly delivered 6,000 m rated Teledyne Gavia SeaRaptor AUV with modular capabilities and full sensor suite.

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Latest Teledyne Marine Interconnect Technology Advancements

289 views April 04, 2022

The presentation outlines how we adapt our vast interconnect technology to address applications. Teledyne not only supplies connectors, we provide custom-made solutions. We discuss our current capabilities as well as plans to address the needs of emerging markets.

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Teledyne Marine’s Leading-Edge Sensors & Technology to Support ROVs / AUVs

273 views April 04, 2022

As subsea vehicles continue to decrease in size and increase in importance, Teledyne continues to innovate, reducing the size, weight and power draw of the critical onboard technologies you’ve come to know and expect from our organization. We highlight our newest technologies designed to significantly increase the value and capability of today’s vehicles.


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SeaBat T51-R Multibeam: Revolutionary Technology—Stunning Performance!

1,708 views April 05, 2022

Teledyne Marine introduces revolutionary and unrivalled true 800 kHz technology with the new SeaBat T51-R Multibeam Echosounder from Teledyne RESON. Built on the renowned SeaBat T-series technology crafted from decades of sonar experience, the SeaBat T51-R helps you drive efficiency onboard with fast throughput of exceptionally clean data and precise imagery. Learn more at

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Teledyne SeaBat T20-S and Gavia AUV Integration

637 views April 05, 2022

Learn about the integration of the SeaBat T20-S with the Gavia AUV, a combinationthat allows high-resolution mapping on a low-logistics AUV. We discuss these twounique products and the opportunities that this combination brings to our users.


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Teledyne Marine’s Solutions for Ocean Research

227 views April 05, 2022

Teledyne Marine’s products and solutions for deep-water applications help scientists and surveyors around the world expand the boundaries of their knowledge of the world’s oceans. In this presentation we share our technology and sample case studies including our deep-water sonar systems and deep-water vehicles and sensor platforms.

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Teledyne Environmental Sustainability

205 views April 05, 2022

With the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainability now placed on individuals, small businesses, and large corporations, Teledyne presents an overview of our efforts in this area. Already a globally recognized leader in environmental sensing above and below the water, we present our efforts to help monitor the world’s oceans, monitor impacts on marine life, and show how internal sustainability efforts will lead to a better future for our planet and our place within it.

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Mammal Monitoring with the Slocum Glider

290 views April 05, 2022

The recent growth of offshore infrastructure combined with an increase in oceanshipping have led to international regulations requiring monitoring of marine life toavoid impacts. Developers and shippers are seeking inexpensive autonomous meansof performing this monitoring in near real-time. Learn how Teledyne’s Slocum Glider isbeing utilized to help solve this difficult challenge.