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Bowtech - Cameras & Lights Overview

484 views November 27, 2020

Teledyne Bowtech specialises in the design and manufacture of underwater vision systems including: video inspection systems, underwater cameras, underwater LED lights, xenon emergency relocation strobes, custom moulded cable assemblies, pan and...

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Teledyne Bowtech - Upgraded LED-K Lamp

1,734 views April 12, 2018

The newly updated LED-K-Series is a multipurpose lamp of various lumen outputs and colour temperatures, highly suited to colour video inspection tasks, for ROVs rated to 3000m. Get more information about the Upgraded LED-K Lamp

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Teledyne Bowtech LED-B-Series

1,391 views April 12, 2018

The Teledyne Bowtech LED-B-SERIES light is designed for use on small ROVs, with favourable physical characteristics of 0.05kg weight and measuring only 54mm in length and a maximum diameter of 31mm, there is no limit to where this light can fit....

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Teledyne Bowtech- HD Zoom IP

1,901 views April 09, 2018

Wide Angle 10:1 Zoom IP camera ideal for overall scenes and close-up inspection, with 10:1 optical zoom and 75° diagonal angle of view, housed in a 4000m rated casing. Visit the HD Zoom IP product page for more information