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Teledyne Marine Webinars

Measuring Storm-generated Ocean Currents Using the Earth's Magnetic Field

121 views July 10, 2020

Models to better understand and predict major climate events require ever more precise ocean atmospheric data. This includes the accurate measurement of ocean current velocities throughout a water column, both before, during and after events such...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

DSC Vision Revolutionizing Dredge Operations

160 views July 09, 2020

DSC VISION is a new highly innovative, user-friendly underwater visualization system that provides dredge operators and managers with real-time situational awareness below the water line, avoiding costly under dredging or over dredging, while...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

ADCP Data Dive into the Mississippi

211 views June 18, 2020

Looking for tips about analyzing and interpreting ADCP data? Why not join us for the next episode of our continuing series of ADCP data webinars? Our host Paul Devine, joined by guest Dr. Peter Spain, will examine ADCP data sections of highly...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Measuring Extreme Nearshore Storm Waves Off the Irish Coast

173 views June 04, 2020

Professor Dias will present a statistical analysis of nearshore waves observed during two major North–East Atlantic storms in 2015 and 2017. Surface elevations were measured with a 5-beam acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) at relatively...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Webinar Wednesday: Marine Robotics and Vehicle Autonomy

320 views May 14, 2020

We have another great Webinar Wednesday lined up for you - this week we focus on marine autonomy. Join us as Dan Shropshire provides a brief history on the evolution of marine vehicle autonomy, followed by an overview of how Teledyne vehicles,...

Teledyne Marine Webinars

Webinar Wednesday with Carl: Advanced Acoustic Communications - Case Studies from Around the Globe

161 views April 27, 2020

Join Carl Mancuso, Director of Product Line Management for Benthos Acoustics for a look at how customers around the globe are using acoustic modem technology in various applications. In this session, Carl Mancuso from Teledyne Benthos will present...

Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Marine Tech Talk Podcast, Using Artificial Intelligence for Cleaner Survey Data

231 views April 22, 2020

Guest: Michael Redmayne, US Sales Manager for Teledyne Caris ​ In this episode we are talking to Michael Redmayne the US Sales Manager for Teledyne Caris, a marine geospatial software company. Teledyne Caris has just released a new cloud based...

Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Marine Tech Talk Podcast, Studying Ice Shelves in the Western Ross Sea

253 views April 06, 2020

Guest: Dr. Alexander Forrest, Associate Prof​essor Environmental Robotics Laboratory, Civil Engineering, UC Davis ​ On this episode of Marine Tech Talk we hear from Dr. Alexander Forrest, an Associate Professor for the Environmental Robotics...

Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Marine Tech Talk Podcast, Sonar Provides “Eyes Underwater” for Marine Construction

254 views March 16, 2020

Guest: Lou Nash, President and f​ounder of Measutronics Corporation ​ On this episode of Marine Tech Talk we're speaking with Lou Nash, the president and founder of Measutronics Corporation​. Measutronics is a marine positioning, guidance and...

Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Marine Tech Talk Podcast: Episode 3 - How Scientists Count Krill in the Antarctic

179 views March 02, 2020

Guest: George Watters, PhD., Director, Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division, NOAA Fisheries ​ How exactly do you make an accurate count of one of the most abundant animal species on the planet? On the latest episode of the Marine Tech Talk...

Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Marine Tech Talk Podcast: Episode 2​ - Identifying and Protecting Wh​ales with Gliders

227 views March 02, 2020

Guest: Jude Van der Meer, Glider Technician, Dalhousie University​ In this episode, Jude, who serves on the Coastal Environmental Observation Technology and Research team (CEOTR) and works with Dalhousie's fleet of gliders, talks about how the...

Marine Tech Talk Podcast

Marine Tech Talk Podcast: ​​Episode 1 - Can Ropeless Fishing Save The ​Whales?

266 views March 02, 2020

Guest: Captain Richard Riels, Executive Director of SMELTS​ On the debut episode, Richard discusses the negative events associated with whale entanglement by fishing gear and his innovative lineless lobster traps, incorporating Teledyne Benthos...