BlueView BV5000 Underwater Inspection of an Oil Platform

3D Rig Visualization

This sonar imagery was taken as part of an offshore oil rig decommissioning project. The unique aspect of this job was that other than the 3D mechanical scanning sonar and ROV, no other survey sensors or equipment was used to gather the 3D sonar data. One operator was flown to the site with the BlueView Technologies BV5000 3D mechanical scanning sonar and a laptop. The sonar and laptop were integrated on-site with a spare ROV early on the first day of work. The 3D sonar data was then gathered over a period of 16 hours without affecting the ongoing decommissioning operation. Post processing of the sonar data to generate the mosaic 3D imagery took a total of 20 hours and was done “on-shore” by the same operator using Leica Cyclone software.

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