BlueView Arc 3D Bridge Inspection

The data for this bridge inpsection was collected from a tripod deployed BV5000 system from a small boat.  Scans were conducted at 3 adjacent locations to provide the final large arae data set delivered to the client.

Quote: John F. Sawyer, Vice President, Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc.

"We are especially interested in the interface of the seafloor and underwater structures. Your demonstration of the Blueview sonar - mounted on a tripod and lowered below the water at locations not accessible by our survey boat -  proved to be the answer to complete bottom coverage on our bridge scour projects. Our clients are very pleased with the results."

BlueView’s BV5000 takes the guess work out of bridge inspection and maintenance projects by provide near immediate 3D renderings of structures, even in low visibility conditions.  Up to now, there has not been many options other sending divers and ROVs in to inspect large areas of bridge footers for potential problems. These methods become extremely difficult when visibility is reduced. The BV5000 system provides fast high-quality results in almost any condition.  

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