Perspectives on the State of Ocean Science

Keynote presentation by Margaret Leinen

The value and role of ocean science and innovation increasingly has been the focus of both international and domestic forums on climate science, sustainability, and defense. Now in its second century of exploration and research, UC San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography is rising to meet new challenges to understand and protect the planet, through interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaborations and a continued focus on developing innovative technology to observe the planet. 

Scripps shares its science at international forums such as the United Nations ocean and climate conferences to advise, contextualize and strengthen the efforts of nations, NGO's and policymakers that set and meet standards for sustainable use of the oceans. The United States Navy is also in the midst of assessing the global state of ocean science and technology via Task Force Ocean, and has engaged US academic institutions including Scripps to ensure cutting-edge ocean science is applied to its oceanographic infrastructure, technologies, and technical workforce so that the Navy maintains its global competitive advantage.

In her keynote, Dr. Margaret Leinen will describe these international forums, Scripps role, how Scripps scientists are innovating to meet these global demands in ocean science and technology, and the state-of-the-art research facilities, centers, and education that will shape the future of ocean and climate science.

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