Using Teledyne PDS Software for Pile Driving Applications


Trevor Yocum


Teledyne PDS software can be used for a variety of marine applications, both in construction and hydrographic surveying. This presentation will focus on a relatively new feature for the Teledyne PDS software, pile driving. Whether it is standard vertical piles or complex battered piles, PDS easily manages the workflow. The operator is given all pertinent information to in real-time displays to speedily and accurately position the piles, such as an overhead bullseye view with vessel-referenced change required distances and a 3D view showing current and design pile locations. Included in the presentation will be an overview of the Teledyne PDS software for those unfamiliar with it, a short walkthrough of project creation and vessel setup, and a demonstration of real-time operation. This will be followed up with results from Teledyne PDS pile driving in the field.

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