Royal Canadian Navy SeaBotix and BlueView Simulation Including Common Operating Picture

GRi was contracted by the Royal Canadian Navy to provide a total of six Teledyne Seabotix simulators with BlueView multibeam sonar across three national locations. The work scope included simulation of dual vehicle missions and a range of training content for Navy ROV pilots, including:

• BlueView multibeam sonar.

• Surface splash zone dynamics.

• Reduced computing footprint requirements, allowing the simulator to run on a single laptop with the SeaBotix OCU hand controller and Seanet Pro Control Software.

• Realistic tether and manipulator dynamics.

The presentation will discuss Royal Canadian Navy's experience with the systems and subsequent advances in large-scale, multiple vehicle simulations made possible through advances in the GRi Physics Engine (GRiP).

The presentation will discuss team-training capabilities using Teledyne SeaBotix and BlueView simulation, with a focus on team-training capacity for multiple surface vessels, launch and recovery systems, and vehicle classes in a single scenario through Common Operating Picture simulation. The Common Operating Picture training mission features six controllable surface vessels with four subsea platforms vehicles (including Teledyne SeaBotix's vLBV950, vLBC, an AUV, and Workclass ROV) operating in a single coordinated graphical and dynamic setting in a mine-countermeasures and submarine rescue scenario.
Steve Dodd

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