Measurements for site description and response of farmed fish and equipment in highly exposed salmon farming sites in the Faroe Islands

The salmon farming industry in the Faroe Islands is currently utilizing some of the most exposed sites for aquaculture in the world. Up to now, waveheights of >5m Hsig and tidal currents >1m/s have been measured at the sites.

To be able to provide good advice on farming in such extreme places, proper description of the physical environment is necessary and good knowledge about the capabilities of the farming equipment and the farmed fish in such an environment. For this work we are always on the lookout for the best equipment for the job. We have a number of workhorse sentinels that we use with good results, and have tested the SentinelV and the Citadel CTD as well through the academic product grant.

For site characterization we generally first describe the regional tidal currents using a boat mounted ADCP. From these results a layout of the aquaculture site is proposed and an bottom mounted ADCP is used for obtaining long term measurements of waves and vertical current profile for creating statistics on waves and currents.

Measurements at highly exposed sites have revealed features that might not be described by the standard measurements performed for new salmon farming sites, and work is initiated to define new protocols.

The response of equipment and behavior of the farmed fish is also unknown for highly exposed sites. Various measurement methods are employed together with ADCP's and CTD's to bring more information forward on these subjects.

Examples of results from such measurements will be presented.

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Øystein Patursson


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