Advanced Techniques for Rapidly Mapping 3D Spatial Velocities for Tidal Turbine Placement


Join us as we uncover the first approved permanent Tidal Test Facility in the United States.

RDI and WaterCube, LLC partnered up with the Marine Renewable Collaborative to participate in bringing together the latest technologies to rapidly produce 3D spatial views of velocity and bathymetry within the Cape Cod Canal to gain approval of the Bourne Tidal Test Facility. Utilizing the most advanced instrumentation by RDI, a remote-boat by Oceanscience for data collection and WaterCube's innovative new data processing engine, the Marine Renewable Collaborative were able to showcase not only the power potential of the area but also visualize and design the ideal turbine placement which will harness the most potential for turbine manufacturers for years to come. The Marine Renewable Collaborative just received approval from The Army Corp of Engineers to begin installation of the testing facility in November of 2017.

Come see how these powerful views opened the eyes of many to the potential within Cape Cod. REAL 3D NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! 

Presented by: 

Jeff Den Herder - in collaboration with WaterCube, LLC
Teledyne RD Instruments

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