Woods Hole Group’s (formerly Horizon Marine's) FAST Eddy Underway ADCP Survey Systems; Past, Present, and Future

Woods Hole Group Inc. (formerly Horizon Marine, Inc. (HMI)) provides oceanographic services specifically tailored to the offshore energy industry. Our services are designed to assist with planning safe and efficient operations to minimize costly downtime caused by challenging ocean currents. HMI's EddyWatch program concentrates on the location and migration of strong ocean currents that are characteristic of the Loop Current and associated anticyclonic (warm core) eddies, particularly in the deep-water lease blocks of the northern Gulf of Mexico. To provide enhanced services and site-specific monitoring and forecasting, HMI developed the FAST Eddy real-time, automated, self-contained, ADCP data acquisition system that may be installed both on Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) and Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASVs). Clients using FAST Eddy for fine-scale monitoring and forecasting problematic currents have found that the service helped mitigate downtime and associated costs during critical operations. Our presentation will describe the technology and techniques of deployment and surveying used by HMI to assist in effectively managing a client's resources and limit potential downtime due to ocean currents. This presentation will touch upon our experiences; past present, and future.

Presented by: Federico Alvarez, HMI.

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