Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop Europe 2018 - October 9-11 in Cannes

Building upon our US events, Teledyne Marine hosted its first European Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop (TMTW) on October 9-11 in Cannes, France. Over 150 customers from around the globe converged on the not-so-sunny shores of beautiful Cannes to attend this year's event, which included:

- TWO AMAZING KEYNOTE SPEAKERS including including Oliver Steeds, Founder, Chief Executive and Mission Director of Nekton, a charitable research institute dedicated to the exploration of the deep ocean, who gave an inspired speech on new deep sea discoveries and our responsibilities as stewards of our oceans; followed by Dr Alain Maguer, NATO’s Centre of Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), who detailed the organization’s vast field of work, including the use of Teledyne Marine products and technologies.

- FORTY CUSTOMER PRESENTATIONS detailing their utilization of Teledyne Marine products and technologies for applications spanning ports & harbors, civil engineering, oceanography, dredging, defense, offshore energy, hydrography and hydrology. Our users have the greatest understanding of how our products perform, and happily shared their highly valuable field experience, technical tips, and lessons learned.

- THIRTY FIVE PRODUCT AND SOFTWARE TRAINING CLASSES conducted by Teledyne Marine’s technology experts. Topics covered our full spectrum of product offerings, ranging from introductory sessions to multi-day training tracks.

- SEVEN DOCKSIDE DEMONSTRATIONS focused on Teledyne Marine's vehicles, sensors, and combined system capabilities, which depicted several unique scenarios, including civil engineering, port and harbor security, and multi-vehicle collaboration. Despite the rainy weather, all sessions were filled to capacity by our die-hard attendees.

- TWO BOATS RUNNING TWENTY-FOUR ON-WATER DEMONSTRATIONS of our collective imaging technology, including several of RESONs multibeams and Oceanscience underway rapidCAST system.

- ELEVEN INDUSTRY PARTNERS AND SUPPLIERS sharing their relevant products and services as official TMTW event exhibitor / sponsors, thus further expanding the technical content available for TMTW attendees to discover.

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