Deploying lightweight ROVs for EOD operations

Rapid technical advancement has seen a move away from more traditional methods of sub- sea operations, such as the use of divers, in favour of using unmanned and remote vehicles. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are now being extensively used in offshore and military operations for complex inspection tasks, and Dynamic Positioning (DP) software is used to reduce operator workload, provide stability to the mission platform, and allow for repeatable, automated tasks and inspections. Building a custom ROV system from the ground up is often stifled by high research and development costs and a relatively small market size for these specialized tasks.
One way to efficiently move into unchartered waters, so to speak, is to create a specialized system composed of existing commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware and software components – effectively creating a vehicle that is more than the sum of its parts.
This presentation will discuss the challenges of designing a non-standard ROV system comprised of the best of breed vehicle hardware, sensor, and software systems that the market has to offer, regardless of manufacturer.  Under the leadership of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific), SeeByte collaborated with Teledyne SeaBotix and HDT to develop several smart ROV systems that are able to perform a range of capabilities and functions – including active intervention with underwater improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and IED neutralization. This project proved that custom ROV configurations can be created for some of the most challenging applications with the right software acting as the glue between the different hardware components.

Chris Haworth

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